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ARTY D Vodka, Berry and Shamozzle (Pre-Mixed)

10 x 330 ml Cans

From the House of Wakachnagi.

You’ve heard the story; now it’s time to taste its legacy.

Fine O wine have teamed up with the next chapter in New Zealand’s refreshment-based history books, Arty D. From local hero Leigh Hart, comes a range of crisp and ready-to-drink beverages in three unforgettable flavours: Vodka, Berry and Shamozzle, Vodka, Lime and Debacle, and Vodka, Passionfruit and Fiasco.

Whether you’re locked indoors or out and about exploring the country, there is only one drink that’ll fit appropriately in your hand. This isn’t the first good-for-you can of sparkling goodness you’ve tried, but it will be the last—and to think that they said it couldn’t be done!

But don’t let us be the ones to tell you how nice ArtyD (RTD) is, let its ‘7/10 at the Flavoured Alcoholic Carbonated Drink Awards in 1969 and 1974’ speak for itself!

ABV : 5%

$NZ 26.99

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