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Lady H Artisan New Zealand Gin 42%

700 ml


Lady H Gin is a Contemporary Modern Gin,  a smooth softly balanced juniper forward Gin, displaying floral notes with a deep warming spice, vibrancy of fresh citrus with a sweeter finish.

A subtle, soft, elegant Sipping Gin, created to be paired with soda with only a splash of tonic or simply to be enjoyed on the rocks- allowing the softer botanicals to come through and be the HERO & dance together in the glass

Lady H started as a passion project to find a gin that makes the ultimate martini, which in our eyes is soft, gentle and nothing too overpowering, balanced and worked well with just the right amount of vermouth… hmm so creamy.

Try it straight, maybe with a  little bit of ice or with East imperial Soda and a slice of lemon. If you love the G& T flavour, then try adding just a wee splash of East Imperial Yuzu tonic to your Soda.

ABV-42% Alc

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