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Acetaia Leonardi Balsamico 30YO



“The grapes at the heart of this condiment were harvested over 30 years ago. Then each year since, this balsamic creation was transferred from one barrel of precious wood to another. From cherrywood to chestnut, oak to acacia, juniper to mulberry to ashwood, each imparting their own velvety notes – these transfers (’travasi’) happened once each winter, for 30 years. That’s right – for an entire generation, the Leonardi family poured incredible devotion, patience and passion into this bottle. Now, you can add a few drops of pure passion to every culinary creation!”

Grape:  Trebbiano & Lambrusco

Area of production: Magreta di Formigine, Modena

Tasting notes

Leonardi dressing. Ingredients: acetified cooked grape must. Contains sulphites. Cooked grape must acetified and aged in different wooden barrels for 30 years. A teaspoon at the beginning of the meal to stimulate your appetite, or at the end of the meal for its digestive properties. It goes mell with any kind of food, from appetiser to dessert, for its creamy texture and its sweet-and-sour taste.

Food pairing

Ideal for: exalting any kind of food, like sushi, tartar, caviar, foie gras, Carpaccio, game, cheeses, cured meat, ice cream and custard, cheesecake, strawberries with whip cream


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