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Elta Ego Negroni (Non-Alcoholic)

4 x 250ml


Discover this devilishly complex cocktail, layered with sweet vermouth, Campari-inspired bitter orange and herbaceous notes. A clever blend of bitterness and sweetness for the rich character that is you.

Why do people love drinking Elta Ego?

This expertly crafted non-alcoholic cocktail contains bioactive adaptogens that help lift your mood and take the edge off your day, without any of the downsides of alcoholic drinks.

Designed in Aotearoa with the health-conscious social butterfly in mind, our alcohol-free drinks are low sugar, low calorie, all natural, vegan, preservative-free and best of all, hangover free.

  • Only 38 Cal per 100mL
  • Only 2.2g of sugar per 100mL
  • All natural ingredients
  • Red Maca – enhances your libido, energy and fertility
  • Panax Ginseng – lifts your mood, energy and immunity
  • L-Theanine – helps you feel calm and present

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