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Japanese Whisky

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Matsui single malt Mizunara Cask whisky (Japan)

700 ml

Please note stock is back in mid-March 2020 . Taking back orders only.

95/100 Jim Murray 2020 Whisky Bible

Winner Japanese Single Malt Whisky of the year in Jim Murray 2020 Bible.

A single malt whisky distilled in the rich, natural environment of Tottori and aged in Mizunara (Japanese oak)casks. Combined with the bitter flavor of unblended whisky, a faintly sweet, aged aroma tickles the nose with a smooth yet rich, lingering aftertaste.
This masterpiece, carefully crafted with heart and passion, is brought to proof with high-quality natural spring water from Mt. Daisen.

Product Details

Bottle capacity: 700ml

Alcohol content: 48%

Types of barrels: Mizunara cask

No artificial coloring is added.

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