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Pizzolato Organic Prosecco

750 ml


Spumante Brut comes from the vinification of Glera grapes from our Treviso plains. A wine of tradition, Spumante Prosecco, whose white vinification preserves the quality of the grapes, has a very bright straw yellow color and a harmonious, fruity flavor reminiscent of rennet apple. Excellent with light dishes and with vegan sushi and sashimi. Prosecco is the ideal wine for your convivial moments, the result of a land that offers much and of a rich and rigorous grape.

WINEMAKER’S NOTES: Grapes handpicked and vinified using the Italian Charmat method, with temperature controlled fermentation in stainless steel and secondary fermentation in sealed tanks for 30 days. The wine is then promptly bottled and released.

SOMMELIER’S NOTES: Serving temperature: to be served at 4°C-6°C. Food pairing: a wine perfect with light starters. It accompanies all kinds of aperitifs and buffets. Ideal as an aperitif, to be served with a buffet of all kind of entrees.

ABV – 11%Alc

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