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700 ml

Using the same meticulous techniques, the Vodka-characteristics come from a wheat based neutralgrain spirit and artisanal waters. Purity is notborn through triple distillation, more so theflavour comes from the honest approach.Smooth, graceful profile. Creamy pavlova finish.

Tasting Notes :

Bright & pure with a hint of cereal to round off a somewhat clean & creamy aroma.

Velvety texture, clean and balanced, initial push of dry wheat with apple, rolling into creaming soda finish. Small amount of heat.
Final palate is viscous and creamy, rounded off with a pavlova like sweetness and rose like floral note. Slight acidity and balanced ABV helps to keep the length in the finish.

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Vodka is the simplest of all distillations.Containing just two ingredients.But strangely, its current popularity is becauseof what it isn’t rather than what it is.Most vodkas are obsessed with purity, theabsence of imperfection, even though it’s thecollection of imperfections that give character to all things.
Scapegrace speaks with a different voice.The idiosyncrasies of the antique stil, and thecharacteristics of the water and wheat are notphotoshopped out through endless distillation.They are left alone to speak for themselves.Scapegrace understands that character liveswithin the collection of imperfections, andthat in every story the voice of the anti-herois the only one people remember.


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