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The Macallan The Archival Series Folio 5 Single Malt Scotch Whisky

700 ml

Only Bottle Available in New Zealand.

The Macallan Folio 5 is the latest release in a fascinating series of releases from the world famous Macallan distillery. The Archival Series celebrates the legendary advertising campaigns of the 1970s, 80s and 90s that brought Macallan whisky to the attention of millions around the world, helping the Speyside distillery obtain the legendary status that it holds today along the way. The series will be made up of 24 expressions, of which four have already been released, titled Folio 1 – 4. They were well-received by fans and critics around the world and now the fifth bottle in the series is ready for pre-order!

This beautiful whisky features all of the excellent traits you would expect from a Macallan whisky – smoothness, complexity, balance – and it delivers them in terrific fashion. The distillery is famous for their dedication to wood management and never allowing their standards to slip and this is once again evident in this excellent expression.

The gorgeous bottle and box feature an artistic drawing of a Deerstalker hat on the label, with the words “Keep The Knot Firmly Tied” emblazoned across the front. The box opens like a book, with space cut out for the bottle inside. It’s ideal for displaying in your whisky cabinet or on your mantle and it looks as good on the outside as the whisky tastes on the inside.

ALC- 43%

$NZ 7,499.00

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